ADE ESS Internship week 7 (Week of February 16)

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This week became filled quickly with two AT overviews, one for the Amphi school district and a second for a class at U of A. We also went to a file review training where we looked through IEPs and METs with a “fine tooth comb” to check for compliance at a state level. This was a great, but slightly overwhelming experience as I walked in to meet the head of Special Education for the district, as well as the transition specialist and a few other high ranking officials for the district. So being a part of the training was a little interesting but it went really well and was very interesting. The most notable thing I learned was that the PRN form included in the IEP is the first thing looked at by a judge. Also, if the PRN appears to be “boiler plate” or as a form letter essentially throughout the district, it will automatically be out of compliance in that section. That seems like an extremely important distinction and something to be extremely careful of.

My notes are attached this time in the link below. For whatever reason they post better if I make the PDF of my notes an attachment as the pictures are also included then.

Note Feb 17, 2015

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