ADE ESS Internship, Week of Spring Break

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This week and the weekend before started out with my family and me going to New Orleans for vacation. When I say my family, I mean me, my wife and my son, which is a change from other vacation where it’s my parents and my wife. My wife and I went to New Orleans for our honeymoon and it finally worked for us to go back there, bringing the little one with us too. So before I get to the rest of the blog I have to provide a couple pictures from the trip and I’ll add one of me in there too after I get some transferred to my phone. The rest of this post will be below the vacation pictures (there are only 5).          

This week at the internship focused on a Google Chrome Extension and App (for google chrome) training. Last time we did this at Orange Grove Middle School it was attended by teachers and staff at the school, so I assumed the same types of individuals would be present. I had no idea that the attendees would be students in one particular class, all with IEPs, and some of their parents. It was a really amazing training, and the students caught on much faster than any adults we have trained. They then started helping each other with the different extensions and purposes of the different apps. There are some that change the screen so that the background is black and the text is white, and others that speak the text outloud, or adjust the complexity of the information into a more manageable format and summary.

The really exciting part about this training was the idea of how the students were helping each other and the parents in showing them how to use all the different apps and extensions. This could lead to bigger things and the whole class involvement in future trainings at other locations. The idea is very exciting and it will be neat to see where it goes, but for starters the classroom teacher is very excited and on board, so that helps for future ideas.

We were also able to follow up with the math questions from the beginning of the semester. It seems that they have not found the ideal solution yet for the student doing algebraic equations with computer supports. Sadly, speaking with the ADE ESS Math Specialist in the office next door, we’re finding that the largest issue that the school staff has is in their own knowledge about computers and what they can do. They were used to using google documents online, which is great, but they did not realize that they had and could use Microsoft Word too. It’s a basic problem, but speaks to larger issues sadly.

Anyway, that was the biggest highlight of the week. There was another meeting with a parent, but that was more gathering information for a training that will take place in a couple weeks.

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