ADE ESS Interrnship week of March 30

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This week started out a little wacky due to my son being sick and needing to stay home from daycare on Monday. The big event of the week was a presentation about assistive technology for one school within the Amphi school district. We’ve actually done more work this semester it seems with Amphi than any other district, and I believe they are looking closely at their AT process and creating an AT team. There were 15-20 people at the training including teachers, special ed. teachers, a few parapros, and the school SLP. They seemed interested in the process and interactive throughout the presentation. They enjoyed the hands on time playing with assistive technology, especially the Anybook Reader, a voice recorder with dots that record readings and play them back. There are some interesting applications to this, and the cost of this device, $30-$70 or so, helps a lot for districts being able to purchase multiples of these.

Ann also showed me some velcro paper, which takes out the step of adding velcro to the back of PCS or visual schedule cards. It’s a little scary printing these because you really don’t want to make a mistake and waste such important paper, but otherwise it worked great and was easy to do. We created a visual schedule for a student, and I realized (thanks to Ann’s guidance) how important it is to make each card the exact same size, and the same for the pictures. It’s easy to take pictures and eyeball them until they are around the same size, but it’s a better look if they are all actually the same size. Plus then no one will obsess about why a few pictures are larger, smaller, or more or less clear.

On a different note, we have a chia plant in the office now. It’s growing well, so a picture is attached below.


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