ADE ESS Week of April 13

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This week started out a little slower, having come back from all the craziness of the ArSHA conference the week/weekend before. I went to the office and worked a bit on Monday and got ready for the ADE ESS Staff meeting on Wednesday. That was a big deal, both because it was my first official staff meeting (and last one since the next won’t be until the summer), and because I was asked to present how to close caption youtube videos. So I went through the video Ann and Mary were presenting earlier that day about the cricut machine, It was interesting that some asked how exactly this was assistive technology, but Ann and Mary nicely explained that for students who cannot cut they lose out on opportunities to interact with their peers and practice this skill, especially in Kindergarten. So with this machine the pattern can be uploaded and then the machine through the computer will print out the desired pattern. For something this fancy I really expected a higher price tag, but it only cost $200-$300. There’s a very good chance I have become jaded and accustomed to assistive technology costing $3000-$5000 on average due to all my exposure to AAC, but I’m adjusting to the concept that assistive technology can be anything, and it can often cost as little as $1 or less.

Anyway, I closed captioned the video created about the Cricut machine, I also included a few picture examples from the automatically created close captions to better illustrate why automatic closed captions cause far more problems than they appear to solve by not taking the time to make your own captions. Here are 3 pictures from the video, plus one from Monty Python’s Cheese Shop sketch.

bike cheese shop democrat mother

Overall the meeting was really great, although a tad bit long. It was also in Phoenix, so I met with my carpool buddies at 6:45am to head to Phoenix, coming back to town at 6pm. Not complaining, but it was a long day.

That was the big event for the week. Next week Ann and Mary will be in Yuma. I was supposed to go, but I had a few work appointments come up that could not be changed, so I will go to the internship on Wednesday.

Below are my notes from the meeting on Wednesday.
Note Apr 15, 2015 10_10_44 AM

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