ADE ESS Blog Week of April 20

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This week started out slower, due to the hectic week the week before. I went into the internship on Wednesday, only to leave shortly after to go to Copper Creek for my AAC project site. Ann came with me and observed me working with my student. We brought a second Vantage Lite, as the first one was having issues, probably due to a faulty memory card. That’s a simple fix thankfully, but it requires getting a new card from the company, and that takes time. Thankfully we had a second Vantage Lite at the office, so we brought it in and traded it for the faulty one. The next AAC device for the trial also arrived, so we helped the SLP set it up, including putting carrying straps on both.

After we were done at Copper Creek we went on to a few schools in the Amphi district and picked up equipment from different teachers and SLPs who had borrowed equipment from Ann.

The rest of the day was spent back at the office organizing everything and getting ready for next week. I had to go to New Mexico on Thursday and Friday for Saltillo and a university AAC demo, so that was it for my week. There was a great AAC picture that I’ll include below.


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