Can Do Profile:

About “Bob” (due to privacy concerns name has been changed)

“Bob” is an energetic 20 year old, currently attending the University of Arizona as part of the Project Focus program, “Bob”is very energetic and has a great sense of humor and a willingness to try nearly anything once. He enjoys hands-on activities such as gardening, cooking, and sports and is eager to interact with other students and peers.

“Bob” has multiple disabilities including moderate intellectual impairment and Down Syndrome.


“Bob” has limited literacy skills and needs close assistance in typing and spelling. His high school teacher reports he is able to read 20 high frequency words with assistance and is working on recognizing sight words in the community including safety words. He can successfully read the names of people he frequently works with through Project Focus.


“Bob” is able to count and identify numbers up to 20 with support. He is continuing to work on matching numbers in a 1:1 correspondence. He can successfully use the elevator in selecting the desired floor with verbal prompting.


With assistance and prompting “Bob” can copy all upper case and lower case letters. Working with an assistant he writes his schedule each week using an iPad or similar tablet. “Bob” can independently write his name in the appropriate area of an assignment.


“Bob” uses one and two word vocalizations to communicate, in addition to a few sign language signs, head nods, and his AAC app running on an iPad to communicate his feelings, emotions, wants and needs. He is able to make choices using his ipad from a field of 15 with the the assistance of color coding targeted keys.


“Bob” can successfully use his iPad and access any desired app on it, including his AAC App, TouchChat, and Pandora for music for entertainment and relaxation. He can independently use his CatCard to access Computer Labs and other areas designated for University of Arizona students.


“Bob” can successfully navigate from one desired location to another across the University of Arizona campus after a few sessions with assistance. He requires assistance in crossing streets and bike paths, but is aware of crossing signs and generally follows them.  He can successfully navigate campus by using building and other landmarks as reference points in familiar settings.


“Bob” is able to dress himself, go to the restroom independently and can eat without assistance. He is very neat and organized and takes great care to fold and put away his clothes carefully when changing at the Rec Center before exercising.

Personal Time

“Bob” enjoys spending time with his peers and college students around the University of Arizona. He likes to listen to music and enjoy the sights and sounds around campus and recently enjoys going to coffees shops and ordering coffee and often, chai.  He enjoys going to the Rec Center and exercising in a number of different activities, including basketball, racquetball, weight lifting, boxing/using the kicking bag, and especially rock climbing. He can independently rent items from the desk by presenting his CatCard or using the fingerprint scan and verbally asking for the item.

(Other) Vision and Hearing

“Bob” wears glasses and his hearing was unable to be tested as of his last IEP on May 19, 2014, but informal assessment indicates he has typical or near typical hearing. In our experiences supporting him, “Bob” has displayed normal hearing abilities.

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