Instruction Plan and Data Collection

SERP 415/515 Adaptation Implementation Plan

Gabriel Gibbons

  1. Describe the lesson or activity including a description of the environment.

At least once a week the student goes to the Rec Center at the University of Arizona with a peer mentor and another student in Project Focus. Rock climbing has been the most interesting and challenging activity for the student, and has been selected by the student more often than any other Rec Center activity, such as basketball, weight lifting or running.

  1. Provide a detailed describe the barrier(s). 

Rock climbing is challenging for anyone beginning or continuing the sport. It requires strength and balance over the entire body, and especially in the hands and forearms. The student has average strength and balance but as he started rock climbing in the fall of 2014, he requires time to build up strength and balance in this activity.

  1. Describe the adaptation and how it will eliminate the barrier.

The rock climbing glove adaptation consists of gloves with rubber palm and finger coverings for added grip and small ropes attached to the finger tips and a larger rope which runs behind the back that contracts one glove when the other hand is extended.

This adaptation does not replace the years of strength training and practice needed to become extremely proficient in rock climbing, but it provides support in holding onto each hand hold, contracting the supporting hand so the other hand can move to the next hand hold, and in providing additional confidence for the user.

  1. Write an observable/measurable goal for the student that integrates the use of their adaptation within the activity.

Using the adapted rock climbing gloves, the student will increase their overall time being able to rock climb before fatigue sets in, and in their ability to stay off the ground during a single climb.


Student:           “Bob                                                                       Class/Subject/Location: Rock Climbing/Rec Center


TASK: Rock Climbing



1.      Put adapted rock climbing gloves on +, PP Assistance needed, but expected due to glove construction.
2.      Approach rock climbing wall +, I
3.      Put hands on appropriate hand holds +, I
4.      Put one foot on foothold +, VP Occasional visual prompt
5.      Locate other desired foothold +, VP Occasional visual prompt
6.      Move second foot onto previously selected foothold +, V Prompt helps confidence
7.      Visually select next handhold +, VP Assistance required for faster selection
8.      Move hand to next handhold +
9.      Move off wall to the ground + No assistance required, but spotting highly suggested


+ = correct I = independent V = verbal prompt
– = incorrect  PP = gesture or physical prompt  VP = visual prompt

Due to the nature of Project Focus and the available personnel, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Pathologists were not able to be consulted during this project. Their hypothetical contributions are described below:


Peers are extremely important in rock climbing for spotting during climbing, support and encouragement, and in general safety while climbing.

Occupational Therapist

The OT will collaborate on motor planning skills and techniques for increasing strength in the hands and forearms, as well as in the usage and contractions of the adapted rock climbing gloves.

Physical Therapist

Due to balance and strength considerations, the physical therapist will be consulted about the student’s stability during climbing and in landing and occasionally jumping to the ground from 2-4 feet above the ground.

Speech Language Pathologist

No verbal utterances are required during the rock climbing sessions, so the Speech Pathologist is not needed. But they could provide assistance in requesting rock climbing shoes from the Rec Center Outdoor Sports area.


Parent will make sure the student has a lock for the rec center lockers in order to safely secure the student’s posessions during rock climbing.


Teacher will provide continued support in task analysis, assessment tools for measuring success, consultation with all student support personnelle.

Adaptive PE

Rock climbing plus the adapted rock climbing gloves functions as adapted PE.

Provide a task analysis of the activity using the adaptation.

  1. Open bag containing Adapted rock climbing gloves.
  2. Take Adapted rock climbing gloves out.
  3. Hang gloves on body, with larger nylon rope on the back of the student’s neck.
  4. Keeping small nylon rope on the palm side of the glove, put left hand glove on.
  5. Keeping small nylon rope on the palm side of the glove, put right hand glove on.
  6. Adjust gloves to ensure correct fit.
  7. Have assistant check large nylon rope across student’s back so that it is tight when arms extended.
  8. Have assistant check all 3 clips to ensure all are tight.
  9. Check area to make sure others are not climbing above the student’s area.
  10. Approach rock climbing wall.
  11. Place hands on hand holds.
  12. Place one foot on foot hold.
  13. Place second foot on other foot hold.
  14. When ready move one hand to higher hand hold.
  15. Move other hand to another higher hand hold.
  16. Move one foot to higher foot hold.
  17. Move second foot to another higher foot hold.
  18. Look at area below to make sure it is safe to move down to the ground.
  19. Move towards the ground or if desired and comfortable, jump to ground.
  20. Take a break for 1-2 min.
  21. Repeat steps 9-20 until fatigue sets in and climbing session is finished.

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