Based on Rec Center activities that were met with varying levels of success, “Bob” and I decided to go rock climbing one day during our time at the University of Arizona Rec Center. The reflex and timing requirements are significantly less as compared to a faster paced sport such as racquetball.  Anytime “Bob” would mention or show pictures of him going rock climbing to other students and peers they would become very interested and curious, leading to new students going rock climbing with him in future sessions. This leads to new social opportunities and increased confidence. Nearly every time “Bob” is ready to climb up the wall he says “I can’t”, and then begins to climb. Every time he climbs successfully his confidence increases, as does his self esteem.

His climbing experiences and successes have transferred to other students within Project Focus, as well as Project Focus Peer Mentors and Rec Center Outdoor personnel. The last few climbing sessions have included new Peer Mentors and fellow students, and more students are now requesting to go climbing with “Bob”. Rock climbing walls tend to be more intimidating than nearly any other activity in the Rec Center, so “Bob’s” comfort and confidence in this sport helps others want to join him and try climbing for the first time.

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