Self Evaluation

Overall I’m extremely pleased with the adaptation. The student enjoyed using the adaptation and expressed a preference to use the adapted rock climbing gloves when rock climbing. It was noticeable to me and questioned observers that “Bob’s” confidence increased when using the gloves, although there was not a significant difference in his climbing skills while using the gloves as compared to when climbing without the gloves.

During all of the climbing experiences using the gloves the gloves maintained their durability and integrity. It is hard to tell if the design and glue will continue to work or if at some point the ropes at the fingertips will come loose. If I had more time, such as a full year I would redo the design again to provide a more permanent means of attaching the ropes to the gloves. I would also like to see “Bob’s” abilities with rock climbing increase so he can stay on the wall longer and take advantage of the rope behind his back providing contractions to his hands and a small rest to his muscles while on the wall.

The project is far from perfect, but as it is designed as an adaptation for rock climbing and not an automatic rock climbing apparatus, I feel that it functions well. “Bob’s” confidence increases using the gloves and his courage to use hand holds that he would not attempt to use without the gloves is very encouraging to the function and benefit of the adapted rock climbing gloves.

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